Our Projects

We have over the years contributed to several projects, the first of these were extra fish rearing ponds at Glenariffe which have contributed to the release of around a million salmon fry.

In 1984 we contributed to the Environment Defence Society to pay the lawyers in the Rakaia River Conservation Order hearings.

For several years we contributed more than 15,000 salmon smolt to the Rakaia River each year.

We have contributed money to the construction of a stop bank at Double Hill to protect the valuable Double Hill Flats and Glenariffe spawning streams. We have protected and enhanced a small spawning stream using volunteer labour to plant the banks and plant eyed ova.

We have contributed to the reconstruction of Mee’s salmon farm into a Fish & Game hatchery both with money and volunteer labour. Salmon research by Fish & Game has received funds also.

Our most recent venture has been the purchase of a number of Incubation boxes known as “Scotty Boxes”. These make the planting of eyed ova much easier and also more reliable. We have achieved hatch rates in the high 90% range using them and believe that they will be a very useful tool in the future to help our ailing salmon runs.