Rakaia Salmon Fishing Competition

2023 Competition update:

Friday 24 – Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 February

 Competition for 2023.

Early Entry draw (Seniors Only) – Prizes to the value of $1000
Early Prize Draw closes Friday 3rd February 2023
Entries Close: 5pm Friday17th February 2023
Senior Entry—$85 Junior Entry—$20
Late penalty fee of $10 after 17/2/2023
Entries limited to 750 Senior and 150 Junior
Credit card entries will incur a surcharge

Rakaia River Fishing Promotions have been running a salmon fishing competition since 1983 which makes us the most successful fresh water fishing competition and the only salmon fishing competition in New Zealand

The competition has grown from something that was very competitive to something that is more participative. This means that you do not need to be the best fisherman to win a prize just participating is enough and our aim is for all to enjoy themselves regardless of ability. The major prize is in fact a draw among all the competitors all you have to do is be present to claim it at the prizegiving.

2023 Prize Winners.

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The original intention

Originally the intention of the local businesses that were the instigators was to promote and grow their businesses, but over time our focus has moved to help defend our precious river and its fishery from demise. Numerous threats exist, such as intensified agriculture, human and natural interference in the ocean environment and climate change. Some we can do something about, others not – but we must try.